Houck, Missouri

Populated place
Also known as: Solado
Placename in Hubble Township, Cape Girardeau County


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Named for Peter and Abraham Houk, landowners. Post office dates: 1886-1906.

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Houck, Missouri
Posted April 7, 2014, by Alan Chapman (alan-chapman [at] sbcglobal [dot] net)

I grew up a couple of miles south of here and Dad always called this Bugtown. He said it had a broom factory there and it caught on fire & burned the town down. Have no idea when that was, he was born in 1925 and it had already happened. Not real far from where Snider's Mill was suppose to have been. He would talk about it and finally I understood there was a mill at one time on the road between Gordonville and Burfordsville on the Whitewater Creek, not far from where the gravel road runs into it from Crump.