Endeavor, PA

Populated place


Sign at village border with East Hickory

Photo taken by Brian Manville in April 15, 2017




The town was originally called Peatown, named for Loren Pease who helped build the first Wheeler and Dusenbury mill in 1853. It was later changed to Stowtown (or Stowtown Mills) for the first managing partnber of the Wheeler and Dusenbury mill.

The name Endeavor was adopted in the 1870s and comes from a society of people called the Christian Endeavor Society. The respect of the workers for N.P. Wheeler was such that many of them to become as devout as he.

The town was visited by itinerant preachers, but many members of the town were Presbyterian. After the death of his two daughters, N.P. Wheeler erected the current Presbyterian church which is in use to this day.

Post office dates: June 10, 1897-Present

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