Bailey Falls, Illinois



Bailey Falls--postcard





Baily Falls was a natural waterfall just above where Bailey Creek entered the Vermilion River. In the early years before the creek was diverted it was a popular camping and picnic area. In the late 1950's Marquette Cement Co. which owned the land diverted the creek from the falls and cut a gap next to it so they could mine the limestone in the area. In the 1980's Bailey Creek was realigned again and ceased to run over this second falls. It now runs further north before entering the Vermilion and possibly goes over what was once Bull Rush Falls. Lonestar Industries took over Marquette Cement in the 1980's and the area was closed to the public about 1987. The quarry has not been active for many years now and the plant is shutdown except for loading facilities. The precipice of the original falls can still be seen on Google but it is quite overgrown with trees and grass.


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