Anselmo Mine

744 Lewisohn Street, Butte, MT

Underground lead-zinc mine operated between 1887 and 1959


Anselmo Mine

Photo taken by Richard Doody in 2006




The Anselmo Mine operated from 1887 to 1959, and is 4,301 feet deep. The mineyard is the most intact of any in Butte, and includes the main hoist engine room, an auxiliary hoist building, carpenter shop, timekeeper's offices, hose house, the dry, and a warehouse in addition to the headframe with its tipple and two idler towers. The compressed air tank also survives. The Anselmo was an important lead-zinc mine. It also produced silver and copper. The surviving headframe came from the Black Rock Mine, and was moved to the Anselmo in 1936.


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