Cornplanter, PA

Destroyed by flooding
Land granted by US Government to Seneca Indian Cornplanter and later flooded for Kinzua Dam.


Cornplanter Cemetery monument postcard

Warren County Genealogy

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In gratitude for his assistance to the state, the federal government gave Cornplanter a grant of 1,500 acres in Pennsylvania in 1796 along the western bank of the Allegheny River (about three miles below the southern boundary of New York state), allotting it to him and his heirs "forever".

In 1965, the new federal Kinzua Dam at Warren was completed, soon permanently flooding all but a small corner of the Cornplanter Tract, as it created the Allegheny Reservoir for flood control. Cornplanter's grave, including the Cornplanter Monument, was subsequently moved to higher ground at the Riverview-Corydon Cemetery located in Elk Township, Warren County.

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