Fernnook, Missouri

Placename in Jordan Township, Ripley County



Post office 1888-1906.


Missouri (4,886)
Placename (9,526)
Ripley County, Missouri (62)


Fernnook, Missouri
Posted January 1, 2013, by Jimmy Fleetwood (jfleetwd [at] windstream [dot] net)

The Altitude is 440 ft according to Google earth. Not over 500 feet shown on map.

Fern Nook, Missouri
Posted July 12, 2010, by Jimmy Fleetwood (jfleetwd [at] windstream [dot] net)

1. It is Fernnook NOT Fern Nook

2. It is not located correctly on the map. It should be at the end of K-2 on Little Black River.

3. I have orginal post marks to verify name and have lived within a mile of Fernnook for 63 years.