Bowie County Jail

Public Sq., Boston, Texas



Photo taken by Wayne Kizziar July 2010



National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on November 16, 1977
Reference number
Areas of significance
Politics/Government; Architecture
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
A - Event; C - Design/Construction
Property type
Historic function
Correctional facility
Current function
Correctional facility
Period of significance
Significant years
1891; 1892

Update Log 

  • July 31, 2010: New photos from Wayne Kizziar



Bowie County Jail
Posted July 20, 2011, by Brad Smith (gaberdine [at] hotmail [dot] com`)

I lived less than two blocks south of here for several years right after the old courthouse burned. I haven't been back for several years. Is the marker still on the ground (the center of the county) over north west of the jail, where the courthouse stood? I am guessing the chain link fences are all gone. There was talk 20 years ago about making the jail a historical center, but governments in Bowie county don't have much time for that. There was hushed applause when the courthouse (mysteriously) burned and the county netted a fairly large insurance settlement.

Bowie County Jail
Posted August 3, 2010, by Eddie Douthitt (eddied62 [at] windstream [dot] net)
Bowie County Jail
Posted August 2, 2010, by J.R. Manning (thekitchenguy [at] sbcglobal [dot] net)

Breaking and entering should have gotten you in.

Of course, if you carry a dead AA from your camera along with one of those little salt packets you get at Wendy's, you could get into the County Jail for a salt and battery.

Bowie County Jail
Posted August 1, 2010, by Wayne Kizziar (wayne1701 [at] cableone [dot] net)

Thank you Bill . I didn't actually get in , although I would have loved to. The glass is broken out of most of the windows so I was able to get my camera in through the bars for a couple of shots.

Bowie County Jail
Posted August 1, 2010, by Bill Eichelberger (wallyum [at] hotmail [dot] com)

Awesome pics. Should I ask how you got in? ;-)