Parker High School Auditorium

Also known as: Parker Middle School Auditorium
900 Woodside Ave., City View, South Carolina


Parker High School Auditorium

Photo taken by Michael Miller in December 2018



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The Parker High School Auditorium is an outstanding example of Works Progress Administration (WPA) designed educational architecture of the late 1930s. The building was constructed in 1938 in the Classical Revival style at a cost of $50,000 and was designed to be fireproof. The auditorium was part of a $285,000 WPA building project for the school that also included a gymnasium, an athletic field, a vocational building, a cafeteria and library, and an automobile shop. According to Greenville press accounts, the Parker High School building program was the largest WPA school project in South Carolina. The other buildings have either been torn down or altered to the extent that they no longer retain their integrity. The auditorium is the best and most-intact building from the massive WPA building project on the Parker campus. It is a 7500 square foot rectangular brick building with a front gabled roof. A classroom building was added to the rear in 1964. The Parker High School Auditorium is also significant for its association with the textile industry of Greenville. The auditorium stood as the center of the Parker School District, which served those who lived in the mill villages of the city and vicinity from 1922 to 1952. Listed in the National Register February 26, 1996. - SCDAH

National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on February 26, 1996
Reference number
Architectural style
Late 19th and 20th Century Revival: Classical Revival
Areas of significance
Industry; Architecture; Education
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
C - Design/Construction; A - Event
Property type
Historic functions
Auditorium; School
Current functions
Auditorium; School
Period of significance
Significant year

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