Spring Creek School

4 mi. N of US 81, approximately 4 mi. NE of Caldwell, Corbin, Kansas


Street View 


Removed from the NRHP on January 13, 2017. A move was proposed by the property owner to save the structure 7 miles NW to another site with another relocated historic school (Belleview School). The Kansas Historic Sites Board of Review discussed this issue and voted to have the property removed from the NRHP due to the fact that they do not want to "convey that moving buildings is an accepted preservation practice".

Unsure if the building has been moved as of 1/26/2017.


20th Century (29,076)
Built 1904 (854)
Built during 1900s (9,441)
Corbin, Kansas (1)
Have Street View (46,331)
Kansas (1,434)
Limestone (8,192)
Private owner (54,398)
School (5,150)
Sumner County, Kansas (30)

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  • August 8, 2016: New Street View added by Bill Eichelberger