USS COBIA (submarine)

Also known as: SS-245
809 S. Eighth St., Manitowoc, Wisconsin


Manitowoc Maritime Museum

The USS Cobia is tied up in the Manitowoc River outside the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. It is open for tours.

Manitowoc Shipbuilding built 28 submarines for the US Navy during World War II. Only four did not return from patrol. Sadly, none of the remaining 24 submarines were preserved. The Cobia is emblematic of the "Silent Service" of WWII and serves to remind us of the contribution of submariners.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in October 2007



Representative of the GATO class of submarines. Although not built by the Manitowoc Shipyards, she is symbolic of the great industrial achievement and effort of the people of Wisconsin toward the winning of World War II. She sank 13 Japanese ships, and earned four battle stars for her service. In 1970, the people of Wisconsin dedicated her as an International Memorial to submariners throughout the world. -- National Historic Landmark statement of significance, January 14, 1986

National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on January 14, 1986
Reference number
Architectural style
Other architectural type; Gato class submarine
Area of significance
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
A - Event
Property type
Historic functions
Naval facility; Water-related
Current function
Period of significance
Significant years
1943; 1945

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