John A. and Martha Robertson House

456 Seminary St., Lodi, Wisconsin

Beautiful two and one half story Queen Anne single family residence


Overview Looking Southeast

Photo taken by J.R. Manning April 2017



"The John A. & Martha Robertson house is a large, very fine, and very intact two-and-one-half-story Queen Anne style single family residence built in the city of Lodi for John A. Robertson in 1897. 1 This house sits on a double corner lot that is situated near the top of a hill in one of the principal historic residential neighborhoods of the city and its principal facade faces west onto Seminary St. The house is slightly cruciform in plan, measures approximately 34-feet-wide at its widest point by 52-feetdeep, and its exterior walls rest on a tall, cut stone foundation. These walls are sided in narrow clapboards and they are surmounted by the asphalt shingle-covered combination gable and hip roof that covers the house. All four gable ends of this roof are also sided with clapboards and these gable ends still retain their sometimes elaborate decorative elements. The Robertson house was designed by Frank L. Lindsay, an architect then practicing in Portage, Wisconsin. The house is a very fine example of the larger Queen Anne style residential designs that were favored by members of Wisconsin's upper middle class in the 1890s. Even in a city that is notable for its numerous excellent Queen Anne style houses, the Robertson house stands out, thanks to its size, its setting, its fine design, and its extremely intact and well maintained exterior and interior, all of which make it especially notable today."

Description quoted from National Register of Historic Places Registration Form prepared for the National Park Service. The application, dated September 20, 2007, was prepared by Timothy F. Heggland on behalf of the Lodi Historic Preservation Committee.

National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on January 22, 2009
Reference number
NR name
Robertson, John A. and Martha, House
Architectural style
Victorian: Queen Anne
Area of significance
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
C - Design/Construction
Property type
Historic function
Single dwelling
Current function
Single dwelling
Period of significance
Significant year
Number of properties
Contributing buildings: 1
Non-contributing buildings: 2


19th Century (37,345)
Built 1897 (495)
Built during 1890s (7,478)
Columbia County, Wisconsin (54)
Frank L. Lindsay (2)
House (27,242)
Lodi, Wisconsin (9)
Private owner (54,396)
Queen Anne (5,092)
Stone (26,161)
Victorian (19,697)
Wisconsin (2,577)

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