Benjamin Church House

Also known as: Kilbourntown House
Parkway Dr., Eastabrook Park, Shorewood, Wisconsin

Greek Revival Home built in Kilbourntown and moved to Estabrook Park in 1938 for preservation.


Overview Looking Northeast

Photo taken by J.R. Manning




"This typical example of the Greek Revival type of architecture was built by an Englander who settled first in the eastern states before he emigrated to Milwaukee. Unlike many structures of this period, it is but one story in height. There is little more that can be said of this as an example of early day work, as it speaks for itself."
Statement of Significance, HABS/HAER Report, Date Unknown

The HABS/HAER report, numbered WIS-13, was likely written in 1936, a date shown on an inventory card. It goes into detail of the poor condition of the home. At the time the report was written, the home was owned by a Mrs. Louise Bienzel. (Or perhaps, Binzel, the name shown on the inventory card.) The report tells us "The present condition is poor. The building sets on its original foundation. It is one story in height. The basement walls are of brick and the rest of the structure, including the roof, is of wood."

The report also has one photo of the home in its original location. The address is listed on an inventory card as 1533 N. 4th Street, which places it just west of the old Schlitz Brewery campus, on Milwaukee's near north side.

The report goes on to say the "…information was gathered from the records from the present day owner. Alexander Carl Guth, District Officer." The report is stamped with the rather ominous statment, "DATA NOT COMPILED AND NOT GUARANTEED BY LIBRARY OF CONGRESS."

The dates and accuracy (or inaccuracy) of the report is of no consequence, as the home was moved and preserved at its present location.

National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on February 23, 1972
Reference number
NR name
Church, Benjamin, House
Architectural style
Mid 19th Century Revival: Exotic Revival
Area of significance
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
C - Design/Construction
Property type
Historic function
Single dwelling
Period of significance
Significant year

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