Glover, Gen. John, House

11 Glover St., Marblehead, Massachusetts


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From 1762 to 1782, this two-story frame house was the home of General John Glover, a brigadier general in the Continental Army and a well-to-do merchant. Glover and his regiment of Marblehead mariners were responsible for the evacuation of American troops from Long Island and were with Washington when he crossed the Delaware. Glover and his men led the advance on Trenton and took part in the battle of Princeton. Later, Glover participated in the sieges of Saratoga and Newport. In 1783 a grateful Congress breveted him a major general in recognition of his many services to the cause of independence. -- National Historic Landmark statement of significance, November 28, 1972

National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on November 28, 1972
Reference number
Area of significance
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
B - Person
Property type
Historic function
Single dwelling
Current function
Single dwelling
Period of significance
Significant years
1762; 1782

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