Robert J. Whaley House

Also known as: Whaley Historical House
624 E. Kearsley St., Flint, Michigan


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National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on May 15, 1980
Reference number
NR name
Whaley, Robert J., House
Architectural style
Victorian: Queen Anne
Areas of significance
Commerce; Education; Politics/Government; Architecture; Religion; Social History
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
C - Design/Construction; B - Person
Property type
Historic function
Single dwelling
Current functions
Meeting hall; Museum
Periods of significance
1875-1899; 1850-1874
Significant years
1860; 1873; 1884
Number of properties
Contributing buildings: 1
Non-contributing buildings: 1


19th Century (37,869)
Brick (42,462)
Built 1860 (428)
Built during 1860s (3,773)
Ceramic tile (3,229)
Flint, Michigan (22)
Genesee County, Michigan (68)
Have Street View (46,678)
House (27,676)
Michigan (1,955)
Private owner (54,398)
Queen Anne (5,131)
Robert J. Whaley (1)
Stone (26,160)
Victorian (19,698)

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