Tarbell, Ida, House

320 Valley Rd., Easton, Connecticut


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From 1906 to 1944, this was the home of Ida Tarbell (1857-1944), one of the pioneers of contemporary journalism and literary biography. Tarbell grew up in Pennsylvania oil towns, witnessing first-hand the corrupt practices of large corporations. As a journalist working for McClure's Magazine, Tarbell's reputation was established by biographical series on Napoleon and Lincoln, and sealed by a series on the development of the Standard Oil, which was later published as the two-volume History of Standard Oil. Tarbell and other journalists such as Lincoln Steffens and Upton Sinclair, who set aside bland objectivity and focused on grave social problems from a stance of deep moral concern, were termed "muckrakers" by President Theodore Roosevelt. -- National Historic Landmark statement of significance, April 19, 1993

National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on April 19, 1993
Reference number
Areas of significance
Communications; Literature
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
B - Person
Property type
Historic function
Single dwelling
Current function
Single dwelling
Periods of significance
1925-1949; 1900-1924
Number of properties
Contributing buildings: 4
Non-contributing buildings: 1
Non-contributing structures: 1

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