Hagood-Mauldin House

Also known as: Irma Morris Museum of Fine Arts, Homestead Hall
104 N. Lewis St., Pickens, South Carolina

Historic home in Pickens, SC


Hagood Mauldin House

Photo taken by Michael Miller


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The Hagood-Mauldin House is significant for its architecture and for its association with James Earle Hagood and Judge Thomas J. Mauldin. The earliest section of the one-story frame house was built ca. 1856 in the town of Old Pickens Court House. The first owner, James Earle Hagood was a public official, lawyer, and planter of Pickens District. When Pickens District was divided into Oconee County and Pickens County in 1868, the house was disassembled, each board and beam was carefully numbered, and it was loaded onto wagons and reconstructed at its present site in the “new” town of Pickens. The original house was constructed using log beams and joists at the floor and attic, each carefully cut, fitted, and pegged. It is believed that Mr. Hagood made additions to the house shortly after 1868 and later in 1886. Judge Thomas J. Mauldin expanded the front porch to a Classical Revival style in 1904 and also added, just to the south of the house, a smaller Classical Revival style building that he used as his law office. Listed in the National Register October 9, 1997. - SCDAH

National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on October 9, 1997
Reference number
NR name
Hagood--Mauldin House
Architectural style
Late 19th and 20th Century Revival: Classical Revival
Areas of significance
Architecture; Politics/Government
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
C - Design/Construction; B - Person
Property type
Historic functions
Secondary structure; Single dwelling
Current function
Periods of significance
1900-1924; 1875-1899; 1850-1874
Significant years
1856; 1868; 1904
Number of properties
Contributing buildings: 2

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