X-10 Reactor, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Also known as: X-10 Reactor,Graphite Reactor
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee



When it went into operation on November 4, 1943, this was the world's first full-scale nuclear reactor and the first to produce significant amounts of heat energy and measurable amounts of plutonium; in 1946, it was the first to produce radioactive isotopes for medical therapy. For many years, X-10 was the principal atomic research facility in the United States. -- National Historic Landmark statement of significance, December 21, 1965

National Register information 

Note: The following information comes from the NRHP database and has not been verified.
Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on October 15, 1966
Reference number
Architectural style
Other architectural type; Nuclear reactor
Areas of significance
Science; Invention
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
A - Event
Property type
Historic function
Energy facility
Current function
Energy facility
Periods of significance
1950-1974; 1925-1949
Significant years
1943; 1963
Number of properties
Contributing structures: 1
Non-contributing buildings: 1