Building at 105 N. Washington Street

Also known as: Struve Block
105 S. Washington St., Huntsville, Alabama

Two-story, 5-bay brick facade with wide terra-cotta frieze window surrounds



Photo taken by J.R. Manning in November 2014




"This is a two-story, 5-bay brick facade with wide terra-cotta frieze and cornice and terra-cotta window surrounds. Brick soldier-course decorative panels are above the storefront level. Steel casement sashes appear in an early 1930's photograph and appear to be original (the building was constructed in 1931 after a fire destroyed the earlier structure on the site).

"The structure at 105 N. Washington is an excellent example of early small-town 20th century commercial architecture with Art-Deco detailing in the light tan terra-cotta and a faint French Renaissance flavor. The large frieze and cornice have a distinct Art-Deco design, having two types of geometric chains, one at the cornice and one at the bedmold of the frieze. The cornice "chain" consists of large interlocking circular moulds. The bedmold chain is alternating small diamonds and rectangles. The frieze pattern is tall, narrow,, closely-spaced flutes with hemispherical tops and bottoms. The terra-cotta window surrounds have large floral corner-blocks connecting bands of Art-Deco geometric stretchers, each stretcher having two "X" designs separated by a central space.

"The faint French-Renaissance influence is seen in the facade's basic arrangement and scale, its use of casement windows with transoms and surrounds, its wide frieze and cornice and its low relief of surfaces. The main walls of the 1771 Hotel des Monnais in Paris illustrates this design idea."

Taken from Historic Resources of Downtown Huntsville by Linda Bayer, May 31, 1979, for the National Park Service.

National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on May 23, 1984
Reference number
Architectural style
Modern Movement: Art Deco
Areas of significance
Commerce; Architecture
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
A - Event; C - Design/Construction
Property type
Historic function
Specialty store
Current function
Specialty store
Period of significance
Significant year

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