Eureka Historic District

Along U.S. 50, Eureka, Nevada

An Oasis on the Loneliest Road in America


Eureka Opera House

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in August 2003



Street View 


Back in 1986, Life Magazine proclaimed US 50 to be the "Loneliest Road in America" and recommended that no one travel it. The reports said there is no one on the road and there is nothing to see. Even AAA told members to avoid the highway.

Residents of Ely, Eureka, Fernly, Austin, Dayton, and Fallon took issue with that, and the Nevada Tourism people seized a golden opportunity to capitalize on what was supposed to have been a negative report.

If you're heading to Nevada, contact the Nevada Tourism Board and they will provide you with a Loneliest Road in America Survival Kit. In it, you will receive a post card, which you will have stamped at each location along the roadway. When you've completed your trek across Nevada, mail the card (postage free) and they will send you a kit that proclaims you survived. It includes a hat pin, a bumper sticker and a certificate that certifies that you, indeed, survived the "Loneliest Road in America."

By the way, I tried several times to get a photo of nothing but a long ribbon of highway disappearing into the horizon - but it was tough to get the shot because there was too much traffic!

Be sure to stop in Eureka (you better stop for gas, trust me on this one) and visit with the friendly folks who live there. Be sure to see the museum, in the old print shop, that looks like the newspaper publisher just walked out one day and never came back.

National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on April 13, 1973
Reference number
Architectural styles
Victorian; Victorian: Renaissance
Areas of significance
Industry; Commerce; Invention
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
A - Event
Property type
Historic functions
Courthouse; Single dwelling; Extractive facility
Current functions
Single dwelling; Courthouse
Period of significance
Significant year
Number of properties
Contributing buildings: 18
Contributing sites: 19


19th Century (38,090)
Brick (42,466)
Built 1869 (327)
Built during 1860s (3,797)
District (10,631)
Eureka County, Nevada (13)
Eureka, Nevada (1)
Have Street View (50,020)
Lincoln Highway (84)
Lincoln Highway Marker (31)
Nevada (878)
Renaissance (1,333)
Stone (26,168)
Victorian (19,703)

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