Randolph Field Historic District

Also known as: Base Administration Building
Randolph Air Force Base, off Pat Booker Rd., 18 NE of San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas



Randolph Field, Texas, played an exceptional role in the development of the air arm of the United States Army,which eventually achieved its independence as the United States Air Force in September 1947. It was concieved and designed as a model airfield for flying training in the mid 1920's for the fledging Army Air Corps. The completed "air city" became the site of unique Air Corps schools for flying training and aviation medicine, and as well was a landmark in airfield planning and design. In addition, administrative headquarters at Randolph Field, including the Air Corps Training Center, and the Army Air Forces Central Flying Training Command, were keystones in the organiztional structure of the Army Air Forces. Their roles were pivotal in the Army air arm's 40-year campaign to become an independent branch of the United States armed forces. -- National Historic Landmark statement of significance, August 7, 2001

National Register information 

Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on July 8, 1996
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Architectural styles
Late 19th and 20th Century Revival: Mission/Spanish Revival; Modern Movement: Moderne
Areas of significance
Military; Architecture
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Evaluation criteria
A - Event; C - Design/Construction
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Historic function
Air facility
Current function
Air facility
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Contributing buildings: 341
Contributing structures: 7
Non-contributing buildings: 23
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