Fairmount Commercial Historic District

Also known as: 053-201-56000
205-101 S. Main, 102-124 N. Main, 124-102 S. Main, 101-123 N. Main, 107 W. 1st, 119-117 W. Washington, Fairmount, Indiana


National Register information 

Note: The following information comes from the NRHP database and has not been verified.
Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on March 12, 1999
Reference number
Architectural styles
Victorian; American Movement
Areas of significance
Commerce; Community Planning and Development; Architecture
Level of significance
Evaluation criteria
A - Event; C - Design/Construction
Property type
Historic functions
Department store; Financial institution; Specialty store; Business; Professional; Meeting hall; Auditorium
Current functions
Financial institution; Specialty store; Professional; Meeting hall; Music facility
Periods of significance
1875-1899; 1900-1924; 1925-1949
Significant years
1884; 1887; 1902
Number of properties
Contributing buildings: 31
Non-contributing buildings: 5


19th Century (38,050)
American Movement (6,254)
Brick (42,466)
Built 1884 (485)
Built during 1880s (6,537)
Cast iron (375)
District (10,592)
Fairmount, Indiana (3)
Grant County, Indiana (15)
Indiana (2,149)
Limestone (8,194)
Private owner (54,402)
Victorian (19,703)