Owosso MWA Company Water Tower

North of Railroad Tracks, West of Washington Street

Riveted steel water tower with built-up support beams.



Photo taken by Nathan Holth




Located in an industrial complex, this is a fantastic, unaltered example of a riveted steel water tower. The tower is traditionally composed with built-up support beams (which include attractive v-lacing) and pin-connected support bracing connections with the bracing rods having loop-forged eyebars. Other bracing beams are built-up with corrugated style v-lacing between back-to-back channels. The main supports are traditional built-up beams configured as back-to-back channels with v-lacing on each side.

The tower is an excellent example of a tower built by Pittsburgh - Des Moines Steel Company (who acted as constructing engineers) that also retains a builder plaque at the base of a support beam to identify this, which is noteworthy since most examples that retain plaques seem to have been built by the extremely prolific Chicago Bridge and Iron Works. The plaque indicates that the tower was built in 1928. Below the builder plaque is a capacity plaque, which lists the capacity of the tower as 75,000 gallons and lists the height of the bottom of the tank being 99 feet 0 inches above ground.

The tower is a particularly noteworthy and excellent example because its historic integrity is extremely high. The tower retains a decorative spherical finial on the top of the tower. The original riveted water pipe remains at the center of the tower, and the tower retains a builder plaque and a capacity plaque. The builder plaque contains an attractive design where a depiction of the water tower tank frames the text. The tank and support system both appear to be original and unaltered as well.

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