Fort Wallace Cemetery

Also known as: Fort Wallace, Camp Pond Creek
Post cemetery for Fort Wallace


Photo taken by IlmoJoe in September 2005




Today this is all that remains of Fort Wallace, a cavalry outpost guarding the Smoky Hill Trail in Western Kansas from Sioux and Cheyenne raids. Authorization to build the fort was granted in 1865, and from 1866 through 1869 it was home to up to three troops of the Seventh Cavalry commanded by Captain Miles Keogh, who would die at Little Big Horn. The fort bore the brunt of Indian fighting in Western Kansas, and in 1867 this monument was placed to honor the oficers and men who were buried here. The post officially closed in 1882, and the graves of the officers and men were moved to Fort Leavenworth. Graves of the civilian scouts and other civilians who died in the area remain, as does the original marker.


19th Century (38,126)
Built 1866 (282)
Built during 1860s (3,798)
Cemetery (1,159)
Fort (314)
Kansas (1,562)
Military cemetery (116)
Monument (579)
Open to the public (3,490)
Wallace County, Kansas (5)

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