Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens

84 Knox Street, Summerville, GA


Entrance sign

Photo taken by Eddie Douthitt in July 2010



Street Views 


Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens Park and Museum includes the 5-story World’s Folk Art Chapel, and the Finster Folk Art Gallery. The Gardens (also known as the "Plant Farm") are a maze of abstract, symbolic sculptures and structures. Finster used concrete in great flowing sweeps, embedding in it tiles, glass, junk and the Gospel. Biblical quotations abound on hand-painted signs and in the mosaic cement paths. Structures are topped off with turrets and pinnacles. Some of the sites include: Bicycle Towers, Tomb of the Unknown Body, the Giant Cement Boot, the People Mural, and the Cement Roses. Paradise Gardens was the filming location of the REM video "Radio Free Europe".

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