Anna Kay Farm Round Barn

No longer exists
Also known as: South Sprigg Street Round Barn
South Sprigg Street, 1 mile east of Highway 61 intersection with Highway 74

A red round barn with wood shingles roof


Anna Kay Farm Round Barn

Anna Kay Farm Round Barn, South Sprigg Street Round Barn, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri

Southeast Missourian




Round Barn, approximately 100' in diameter with a wooden silo in the center. It was a twin to one that stood on a farm a few miles west, off Bloomfield Road, which burned in 1929. At that time it was on land owned by Giboney Houck. Sources say that Giboney Houck had his barn built first on his Little Valley Farm. The Anna Kay barn was built by the same builder who lived in Iowa and came here at the request of Giboney Houck. The Anna Kay barn gradually decayed since no one in the area was knowledgeable or skilled in how to repair a structure with these unique features. It was demolished in 1982 with only the foundation remaining still today.

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