Hudson Theatre

368 East Hudson Street, Columbus, OH

Neighbohood theater, closed cs.1972, used as a church, abandoned since c. 2000


Overview Looking Southeast

The 500 seat theater was last used as a church but has been abandoned for several years. It is reportedly for sale for a rather princely sum.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in August 2016



Street Views 


According to commentary on the Cinema Treasures website, the Hudson opened in 1927 on what was once a busy retail strip. It stopped showing movies about 1965. It reopened as the New Hudson about 1970 showing XXX films, but after repeated vice squad raids, it was closed in 1972.

The theater had been used as a church, but has been abandoned since at least 2006.

The property was apparently once listed on the NRHP but was removed.

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