Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Also known as: Church of the Sacred Heart
University of Notre Dame Campus

Extravagantly decorated neo-gothic Catholic church.


Overview of Exterior.

Basilica is on the left, Main Building is on the right.

Photo taken by Nathan Holth




This is a landmark that must be seen from the inside to be truly appreciated. Step inside this structure and you will think you have been transported to some cathedral in Europe. Massive and ornate gold altars, numerous paintings on the ceiling, and gold adornment all over are just a few of the aspects that make this church unlike any other in the United States.

Moreover, there is an altar inside the church which is a baroque altar that supposedly was built sometime between 1680 and 1730 by the Bernini studios in Rome.

A sure way to get inside this church is to arrive just after a mass. There are always people wandering around inside taking pictures at this time.

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