Klatt's Miniature Village

200 State Road (Wisconsin Highway 59,) North Prairie, Wisconsin


Front Entrance

The Klatt Garden is located just inside the gate, you can see the windmill as you enter.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning




Miniature structures built by a self-taught artisan during the Great Depression.

A Villiage in Miniature 

Written by J.R. Manning

August Klatt's home building business turned sour during the Great Depression, and with little else to do, he became a self-taught artisan. He did what he knew best, which was to build houses. In this case, he built miniature houses with materials he had on hand, siding, shingles, nails, concrete and masonry. He built his village in his yard where State Highway 59 intersects with County Highway E. The miniature village became a source of civic pride, not to mention, a favorite and familiar site to the citizens of North Prairie.

A few years ago, the State of Wisconsin decided the intersection was in need of modernization and enlargement. The DOT condemned the Klatt home and residents of North Prairie were alarmed that "their" miniature village was in peril.

The North Prairie Historical Society stepped in to try to save the houses. With the aid of the Kohler Foundation, a group that preserves the works of self-taught artisans, the houses were moved to a nearby civic park and restored.

Once again, August Klatt's miniature village is a source of civic pride and can be visited at the local park.

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