Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory

In ruins
Just off Dawson Forest Road, Dawsonville, GA

Former US Air Force - Lockheed nuclear testing facility


Building slab, now used as a parking lot

Photo taken by Eddie Douthitt



AFP No. 67

Lockheed progress report from around 1958-1959


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Dawson Forest Project Part 1

This video is somewhat political, it doesn't necessarily reflect my views one way or the other

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Street View 


Built in the 1950's, closed in 1971, land sold to the City of Atlanta as a possible second airport site, now used as a park for horse riders. Only one building still stands above ground, it is supposedly still "hot" on the inside. Some of the buildings may have been below ground only, my understanding is that all were connected by tunnels and passageways, and many offices and testing facilities were underground.

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