Lilac Park Beehive Fireplace

Southeast quadrant of MN100-MN7 Interchange


Close-up view of structure

Photo taken by Matthew Lohry



Street View 


This structure is a 3-port beehive fireplace and is one of only two historic beehive fireplaces to exist in the United States. Ironically, the other one is also located along Hwy. 100 at Graeser Park in Robbinsdale, a few miles north of this one. Back when this structure was built, the roadside park in general was a popular phenomenon that helped place Lilac Way (present-day MN 100) on the map. This park was formerly called St. Louis Park Roadside Park and was one of many to exist along this roadway, making the parks popular family-day destinations for picnics and enjoying time outdoors. This fireplace was located inside one of the loops for the MN 7/MN 100 interchange, making it inaccessible for decades. In 2009, the fireplace, along with some of the historic concrete picnic tables, was moved to its current location and restored to its original beauty. The fireplace is very unique and extremely beautiful, and is a worthy find for those biking along the adjacent Cedar Lakes Rail-Trail.

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