Licking Furnace

KY 8, Newport, KY


Photo taken by Bill Eichelberger



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"Built three blocks east in 1859 by Swift's Iron and Steel Works. As rebuilt in 1869, it was 65 feet high, with a maximum diameter inside of 16 feet. Its annual capacity was 17,000 tons of iron, using Connellsville coke as fuel. Iron mostly converted to steel at same works. Furnace ceased operating by 1888. See over. Presented by Newport Works Interlake, Inc.

(Reverse) Iron Made in Kentucky - A major producer since 1791, Ky. ranked 3rd in US in 1830s, 11th in 1965. Charcoal timber, native ore, limestone supplied material for numerous furnaces making pig iron, utensils, and munitions throughout the northern and western portions of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Old charcoal-furnace era ended by depletion of ore and timber and the growth of railroads."

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