Confederate Financier

Dixie Highway at Beechwood Rd., Ft. Mitchell, KY


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"Eli Metcalfe Bruce, a vital link to equipment and food for Southern cause, is buried nearby in Highland Cemetery. He amassed a fortune in meatpacking before War, then moved plants south. He acquired blockade runners to export cotton and bring supplies. Twice elected to CSA Congress; on staff of Gen. John C. Breckinridge as noncombatant. Presented by the Bruce Family. Confederate Benefactor - Eli M. Bruce (1828-1866) used his wealth to assist destitute Confederate soldiers and their families after the War. He helped many stranded Kentuckians home and provided funds for education of disabled CSA Ky. soldiers. Pardoned by President Andrew Johnson, Bruce then bought and renamed Southern Hotel in N.Y.C. for penniless ex-Confederates. Presented by the Bruce Family."

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