Covington & Lexington Turnpike

Washington, Pike & 7th Sts., Covington, KY


Photo taken by Bill Eichelberger



Street View 


"Predecessor of this turnpike was an old buffalo trail, following the Dry Ridge, a natural divide between watersheds of Licking & Kentucky rivers. Trail later used by pioneers, & then as a military road from Cincinnatiís Fort Washington. In 1819, Ky. General Assembly chartered a turnpike along part of the route. Over. In 1834, Ky. chartered Covington & Lexington Turnpike Road Co. to build artificial road. Macadamized turnpike finished in early 1850s. Was important in moving farm goods from the Bluegrass, notably hogs and cattle, to Covington and Cincinnati, then major meatpacking centers. Road entered Covington on Pike St."

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