Slave Escape

W. 6th Street at Main Street, Covington, KY


Photo taken by Bill Eichelberger



Street View 


"On a snowy night in January 1856, seventeen slaves fled, at foot of Main Street, across frozen Ohio River. Margaret Garner was in this group. When arrested in Ohio, she killed little daughter rather than see her returned to slavery. This much publicized slave capture became focus of national attention because it involved the issues of federal and state authority.

(Reverse) Controversial Judgment - Decision regarding Margaret Garner fueled fires of abolition. Fugitive Slave Law supporters wanted her returned to master. Garner wished to remain in Ohio, even at risk of death for her crime. She was returned to Ky., with master's agreement to extradite her to Ohio. But soon afterward Garner was sent south and never heard from again. Presented by City of Covington."

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