John Gregg Fee (1816-1901)

KY 875, Germantown, KY


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"Fee received degree from Augusta College; went to Lane Theological Seminary. Had spiritual experience which began career as nationally known and determined abolitionist. A founder of Berea College who wanted low-cost education for "all persons of good moral character," regardless of race. Wrote several pamphlets advocating racial reform. Presented by Bracken Co. Historical Society and the Ky. African American Heritage Commission.

(Reverse) Arnold Gragston - While living on the Jack Tabb farm, Gragston, born ca. 1840, helped many slaves escape to freedom. This African American rowed slaves from Dover (Mason Co.) across Ohio River under cover of dark nights. Almost caught returning from one crossing, he escaped to woods. After more than four years of helping others, he crossed river and became a free man. Died, 1938."

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