The Cooperative Program

203 S. Fourth St., Murray, KY


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"Under leadership of H. Boyce Taylor, First Baptist Church, Murray, began in 1900 a new approach to church finance. Taylor, pastor 1897-1931, avidly promoted this unified budget plan; appointed chairman of a State Baptist Committee, 1913, "to consider . . . unifying our work" under one budget. During 1914-1915 Taylor and layman F. D. Perkins toured the state promoting unified plan. Over.

(Reverse) The Cooperative Program - The Gen. Assoc. of Baptists in Ky. (now Ky. Bapt. Conv.) adopted first "budget plan for the collection of funds" in 1915. Taylor served as chairman of first budget committee. This was Kentucky's part in the development of world mission budget plan adopted by Southern Baptist Convention in Memphis, 1925, known as the Cooperative Program. See over. Presented by Kentucky Baptist Convention."

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