Estill Seminary

Main Street, Irvine, KY


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"This site approved for Jefferson Seminary by act of Ky. General Assembly in February 1798. Name was changed to Estill Seminary, February 3, 1816. Trustees given authority to sell half of unclaimed lands, granted for educational purposes, to erect buildings and purchase library. Seminary was built in 1830 and used until 1897. Presented by Estill County Schools.

(Reverse) Collegiate Institute - On site of Seminary, the Estill Collegiate Institute established in 1906 through cooperation of Presby. Synod of Ky. and Estill Seminary trustees: B.F. Jacobs, W.W. Park, L.A. West, Thomas Williams, and Hugh Riddell. Present structure, 1948, was Estill Co. High School; it became middle school, 1971. Presented by Estill County Schools to commemorate Ky. Bicentennial."

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