Boone's Station

240 Gentry Rd., Athens, KY


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"Daniel Boone surveyed this site in 1774 for a 4,000-acre land grant to James Hickman. In Dec.1779, Boone and other families lived here in crude shelters; in 1780, built cabins & stockade. By 1783, the station included 15-20 families. Among these, Boone’s brother Edward, son Israel, and nephew Thomas were killed in final stages of Rev. War. Over.

(Reverse) Boone occupied the station until 1784 and his sister’s family was there until 1814. Robert Frank bought it in 1795 and built a stone mansion which survived into the 1800s. In 1991, Robert C. Strader willed some 47 acres, including the site of the station, to the state. Boone’s Station State Park opened in 1992."

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