H. E. Pogue Distillery Co./ Ryan-Pogue House

KY 8, Maysville, Kentucky


Photo taken by Bill Eichelberger



Street View 


"Distillery operated here from 1876 until dismantled in August 1973. Was Registered Distillery No. 3, 7th Dist., and offered three brands of bourbon and three brands of rye, wheat, and malt whiskey. Distillery was a large regional employer until closed by Prohibition. Products helped make bourbon industry important to Kentucky's commerce. Over.

(Reverse) The house on the hillside south of here was built in 1845 by industrialist and emancipator Michael Ryan. He called his home "Riverside." In 1890, Henry E. Pogue, who owned the distillery on this site, purchased the home, naming it "Star Terrace." It remained in the Pogue family for several generations. Over."

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