Campbellsville Baptist Church

420 N. Central Ave., Campbellsville, KY


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"Taylor County's oldest congregation began with Pitman Creek, organized 1791, and Robinson Creek, founded by 1793. They combined to form the "Church Pitman," which became Campbellsville Baptist Church, 1852, located on No. Columbia Ave. Frame building there was used by court during the Civil War after Confederates burned the courthouse. Presented by Campbellsville Baptist Church.

(Reverse) Campbellsville Baptist Church - In 1889, Shuttleworth Memorial Baptist Church, now the Library, replaced 1852 building. In 1915-1916, a church with domed ceiling and four walls of stained glass windows was erected; destroyed by fire, 1962. The present Greek Revival edifice was erected in 1963. Of group's origin, only Pitman and Robinson church cemeteries still remain. Presented by Campbellsville Baptist Church."

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