Seedling Mile

Also known as: Lincoln Highway Seedling Mile
Along Mt. Vernon Road from a point just east of O'Conner Road to a point just east of Smythe Road, west of Mount Vernon

A section of seedling mile, a demonstration highway built to show motorists the advantages of concrete paving over macadam, gravel or mud.


Looking East from the West Portal

The monument is just to the left, on the north side of the road. This is not the actual location of the west end of the Seedling Mile, it is quite a ways west of the original seedling mile, but this is where the original is commemorated.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning


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When the Lincoln Highway was being built, most of the road was paved with gravel or macadam, if it was paved at all. In much of Iowa, the Lincoln Highway was a route of a wheel-sucking gumbo of mud after a rainfall. The Portland Cement Association members and Lincoln Highway Association provided states with enough paving material to build one mile of demonstration highway, out in the country, to demonstrate to motorists what a good road could be like. Mount Vernon Road was the only seedling mile in Iowa.

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Seedling Mile
Posted May 18, 2011, by Bill Eichelberger (wallyum [at] hotmail [dot] com)

"A wheel-sucking gumbo of mud". That's poetry, baby. Pure poetry. ;-)