Hurstville Lime Works

Also known as: Hurst Lime Works, A. Hurst & Co.
Hurstville Road just east of US 61

Four lime kilns that produced lime from 1870 to 1930.


Overview Looking North

Photo taken by J.R. Manning



Hurstville Lime Kilns - Hurstville Iowa

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Street View 


In 1871, Alfred Hurst was looking for a higher quality of lime for the construction industry. He found a limestone deposit one and one half miles north of Maquoketa, where he began his lime kiln business. The kilns produced high quality lime for decades. About 1920, portland cement became more desirable than lime and as it became more readily available, the market for lime softened. The last time the four kilns were fired together was about 1920, the last kiln was fired in 1930.

Restoration of the kilns began in 1977 with community support. Other buildings on the site have not been restored, but restoration of all four kilns was completed in the late 1980s.

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