Juneau Highlands Residential Historic District

6600-6734 W Grant St, 2109-2180 S Livingston Terrace, 6608-6656 W Revere Pl, and 6627-29 W Revere Pl, West Allis, Wisconsin

A well preserved example of a pre-war subdivison that eschewed the accepted street grid with softly curved streets.


2109 Livingston

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Remember, these homes are privately owned and occupied. They are NOT open to the general public. PLEASE respect the privacy rights of these owners. Remain on public thoroughfares and do not trespass!

Photo taken by J.R. Manning




6600-6734 West Grant Street, 2109-2180 South Livingston Terrace, 6608-6656 West Revere Place (even only,) 6627-29 West Revere Place.

Juneau Highlands Residential Historic District 

Written by J.R. Manning

The E.P. Allis Company moved from Milwaukee, in 1900, to an area that would become West Allis. (E.P. Allis Company, the forerunner of Allis-Chalmers, built a huge pump for one of the first pollution control systems. See the Milwaukee River Flushing Station entry for more about the engineering marvel.) Once E.P. Allis made the move, other industry followed and the area grew rapidly. The population grew to nearly 30,000 by 1927 and homes were being built as quickly as land could be acquired.

Most West Allis subdivisions were laid out in a grid plan until 1927 when the Juneau Highlands Subdivision was developed. West Revere Place, South Livingston Terrace and West Grant Street are curved, breaking the traditional grid shown in the rest of the neighborhood. The homes in the subdivision tend to be small to medium in size with modest designs. There are 14 bungalows and though neighboring homes might be larger, they are mostly single family and blend well with modest designs. The homes built here, between 1927 and 1951, display brick, sandstone, cedar clapboards and some remodelings are sheathed with vinyl and aluminum siding.

The area made the NRHP as a well preserved example of a pre-war subdivision that eschewed the standard grid with softly curved streets.

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