Broderick-Terry Dueling Place

1100 Lake Merced Blvd, Daly City, CA


Photo taken by Carol



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Designated California State Landmark 19.

In the early morning of September 13, 1859, U.S. Senator David C. Broderick and Chief Justice David S. Terry of the California Supreme Court fought the famous duel that ended dueling in California in a ravine east of here, near the shore of Lake Merced. Senator Broderick was mortally wounded. The site is marked with a monument and granite shafts where the two men stood.

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Broderick-Terry Dueling Place
Posted April 18, 2012, by John Palmer (jackpapajohn [at] att,net)

l was around 12 years old my friends and I played in the sand dunes there where the duel took place. we found the original plaque there in the sand. What happen to it? we left it there. this was around 1945.

John Palmer