Hemingray Glass Company

Also known as: Owens-Illinois Glass Company 1933-1972
1610 S. Macedonia Ave., Muncie, IN

Location of Hemingray Office Buildings & Factory


Hemingray Plaque Side 1

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The Hemingray Glass Company re-located to Muncie in 1888 from Covington, KY; a small town opposite Cincinnati, OH on the Ohio river. They started in business in 1848.

Hemingray produced a variety of products including glass bottles, fruit jars, battery jars, oil lamps, lamp globes, tableware, and glass insulators. Their insulators were famous worldwide. Insulators were used by telegraph, telephone, and electrical utilities on their poles. The wires were attached to the glass insulators. By the 1910's the company devoted all of their production to insulators.

In the 1920's Hemingray revived bottle production. In May 1933 the company was purchased by Owens-Illinois Glass Company, who continued to operate the plant until 1972. During the Owens-Illinois years, this plant produced Hemingray insulators, glass window block, TV Tube Faceplates, and various other specialties. Hemingray insulator production stopped in 1967.

The office building to the South was erected in 1927; the one to the North likely in 1934. The factory buildings behind the office buildings likely date to the early to mid 1920's. The Warehouses to the north were likely erected in the mid to late 1930's. About half of the factory has been demolished.

The entire Hemingray factory burned to the ground in June 1892. The company decided to remain and rebuild here. The company office building spared by the fire burned down in 1904. The office building that replaced that one burned down in 1927.

During World War II a glass land mine was produced here under much secrecy.

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