Gov. Nelson Dewey Tomb

North Jeffereson Street between Oak and Walnut Streets

Burial site of Nelson Dewey, first governor of the State of Wisconsin


Overview Looking East

Photo taken by J.R. Manning




When Wisconsin became a territory, and then a state in 1848, unlike today, the population center was in southwestern Wisconsin. Mining operations swelled the population as miners and those in support of mining settled in the area.

Nelson Dewey came to Grant County from New York in 1836, the same year Wisconsin became a territory. In 1848, at the age of 35, he became Wisconsin's first governor. He did not really care for politics and when his term expired, he returned to Grant County, where he built a 2,000 acre ranch. Today, his ranch is Nelson Dewey State Park.

Dewey died in 1889 and was interred at this cemetery. His tomb was the last one in this cemetery.

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