Pete's Hamburgers

118 W. Blackhawk Ave, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

The "Best Hamburgers in the World" are made in Prairie du Chien!


Ya gotta try one of these burgers!

Photo taken by J.R. Manning




For over 100 years, people have been lining up in Prairie du Chien to buy one or more of Pete's famous hamburgers. Although this place is not on the NRHP, it might as well be. There isn't a person in town who doesn't know about Pete's. While shooting photos of historic buildings downtown, I was approached by last year's Carp Queen (don't ask) who was genuinely surprised that I have never heard of Pete's, let alone had one of Pete's famous burgers.

The smell of cooking burgers and onions filled the entire downtown area, leading me to the little stand as if I was under a hypnotic spell.

The burgers are served only two ways - with and without - and that means onions. Even though Prairie du Chien is in America's Dairyland, cheese is not available on Pete's burgers and trust me, there is no need. The buns are soft and delicious, especially baked locally for Pete's.

I was told that people come to Prairie du Chien just to have burgers at Pete's and after sampling the magic sandwich, I can understand why. Next time you're in western Wisconsin or eastern Iowa, a trip to Pete's is in order!

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