Bellin Building

130 East Walnut Street,Green Bay, Wisconsin

Terra Cotta clad Chicago Style building, the "...first small skyscraper built north of Milwaukee."


Oblique View Looking West

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in July 2012




Designed by Perry T. Benton, the Bellin Building was built in 1915 by Dr. Julian Bellin and was used, initially, by professionals. It is of the Chicago Style of Architecture, built with a steel frame making it Green Bay's first skyscraper. The white Terra Cotta cladding, first used on the Reliance Building in Chicago in 1895, only covers the two faces on the streets. First built with seven stories, it had pilings driven 80 feet to bedrock. An eight story and a ninth story penthouse were added in 1925.

The building today boasts a manual elevator, one of four remaining in the United States.

An attorney, Gerald Clifford, and Dr. W.W. Kelly were both initial tenants of the Bellin Building. Both were members of the so-called "Hungry Five" that were instrumental in keeping the Green Bay Packers viable in the initial years. Dr. Kelly even served as the team physician.

Because of their place in football history, the Bellin Building is on the Green Bay Packers Heritage Trail.

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