Northern Building

305 W. Walnut Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Marble, Cut Stone and Terra Cotta, depression era Art Deco building


Overview Looking Northeast

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in July 2012




A six story marble and cut stone Depression-era office building in downtown Green Bay. Designed for an insurance company, the building quietly displays strength and stability. Terra Cotta decorative panels, with Art Deco geometric designs, adorn the second story windows and the top edge of the building, just below the cornice.

The building was purchased by Brown County in 1970 and today, the building houses many Brown County government offices, but at one time, it was home to the office of Green Bay Packers Head Coach Curly Lambeau.

Lambeau was one of the initial tenants of the building when it opened in 1930. Visitor's expecting to see the coach came to a door labeled, "Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company." The NFL was far from what it is today, and Lambeau's "day job" was as a district manager for the insurance company.

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