City Stadium

Also known as: Old City Stadium
North Baird Street at Cherry Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Currently a high school football field, City Stadium was the home of the NFL Green Bay Packers from 1925-1956.


Main Gate

Now a high school field, this was the home of the Green Bay Packers from 1925-1956. It is one of the last remaining relics of the old National Football League.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in July 2012




Originally a football field with wooden bleachers that seated 6,000 fans and had no toilet facilities, City Stadium was the home field of the Green Bay Packers beginning in 1925. Over the years, the stands were enlarged to a capacity of 25,000. There were no locker rooms, the Packers dressed in the lockers of East High School (to the south of the stadium) while visiting teams dressed in their hotel before coming to the stadium.

Beginning in 1933, the Packers played part of their home schedule in Milwaukee, in fact, the 1938 NFL Championship game against the New York Giants was held at State Fair Park in West Allis. Just the same, City Stadium was a well respected field.

That is, until 1956. The NFL was not pleased with City Stadium. Papa Bear, George Halas (owner/coach of the Chicago Bears and contemporary of Curly Lambeau) addressed the citizens of Green Bay and told them that if they did not build a new stadium, the league would move the team to Milwaukee.

The people of Green Bay overwhelmingly approved a bonding issue to build a new City Stadium on Green Bay's west side. A new City Stadium opened the 1957 season, and "Old City Stadium" became a high school field.

In 1965, after the death of team founder and legend Curly Lambeau, City Stadium was renamed Lambeau Field and "Old City Stadium" became City Stadium once again.

City Stadium is one of the last remaining relics of an era of pro football when players were expected to play offense and defense, wearing leather helmets without face masks, and big money contracts were unheard of.

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